We get lots of questions about our patches and wanted to give some info and tips!

What's the difference between woven and embroidered patches??

Our patches are completely WOVEN.  That means we use a vertical and horizontal graph of threads to weave your design completely into fabric with a slightly raised appearance to the design elements.  We back the patches with pellon interfacing to add some stability or you can add iron on, velcro or self adhesive backing.

Embroidered patches are embroidered with thread onto a base fabric.  You may see more of a raised appearance in the embroidered areas of your design with embroidered patches because of the stitching directly on top of the fabric.

How does the iron on backing hold up??

We use a super industrial iron on backing material which holds up extremely well.  However, if you abuse or consistenly have a product that is getting wet everyday, we suggest a sew on patch as you may notice the edges of the patch becoming loose under extreme stress.

Can you turn my photo into a patch??

Most times YES!!  Feel free to email us your design and we can let you know for sure.  This is a great way to incorporate a child's artwork, a family member's photo, etc.  

Do the patches fade or fray??

We weave with polyester thread which does not fade.  We also offer merrowed edging and if your edge is too intricate for us to stitch around, we will die cut it for you.  This means the patch is heat cut and sealed so it will not fray.

Patches are a great way to brand your clothing line, business, troup, family events and so much more.  We are happy to help and answer any other questions you may have! :